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The focus of our Aquatic Survival Skills program is to invest in our own backyard - reaching children and teachers through our local schools. Our program is affordable (free) and has more ‘touch points’ than any other water-based program to support teachers and students learning.

With your support and funds we can continue presenting our program barrier free throughout all four school terms, reach more schools and expand into our next targeted year group, of years 3 & 4 alongside our year 5 & 6 age groups.

There are several compelling reasons why you or your  business should consider donating to and investing in a good aquatic survival skills program for kids.

Drowning Statistics 2022


Drowning Statistics 2023

We need you to make an impact!

1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting an aquatic survival skills program demonstrates your business's commitment to corporate social responsibility. By investing in the safety and well-being of children, you showcase your dedication to making a positive impact in the community where you operate.

2. Enhancing Public Image

Aligning your business with a program focused on saving lives and promoting water safety enhances your public image. It demonstrates that your company values the welfare of children and prioritizes their safety. This positive perception can lead to increased customer loyalty, brand recognition, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

3. Contributing to Drowning Prevention

Drowning is a significant global health concern, particularly for children. By investing in an aquatic survival skills program, your business actively contributes to drowning prevention efforts. This investment can potentially save lives and create a safer environment for children in your community.

5. Long-Term Impact

Investing in a good aquatic survival skills program for kids yields long-term benefits. By equipping children with water safety knowledge and skills, you empower them to make safer choices around water throughout their lives. This not only helps protect them but also creates a ripple effect as they educate their peers and future generations.

4. Fostering Community Engagement

Supporting an aquatic survival skills program provides an opportunity to engage with the local community. By partnering with schools or organizations involved in water safety education, your business can build meaningful relationships with community members, parents, and children. This engagement fosters goodwill and strengthens community ties.

6. Employee Engagement and Pride

Involving your employees in supporting and volunteering for an aquatic survival skills program can boost employee engagement and morale. Many employees find fulfillment in contributing to meaningful causes, and engaging them in community initiatives aligns with their values, fostering a sense of pride in their workplace.

7. Collaboration Opportunities

Supporting an aquatic survival skills program opens doors for collaborations and partnerships with other like-minded organizations. You can forge connections with schools, community centers, local authorities, and other businesses invested in child safety and water-related activities. Such collaborations can lead to mutually beneficial initiatives and expanded networks.

Ultimately, investing in a good aquatic survival skills program for children aligns your business with a critical cause, demonstrates social responsibility, and positively impacts the community. It not only helps protect children but also generates tangible benefits for your business in terms of public perception, community engagement, and employee satisfaction.

How to contribute?

The Aquatic Survival Skills program costs approx. $25 per child or $750 per lesson/ class group.

Your funds go to the Aquatic Survival Skills Trust to support the delivery of the Aquatic Survival Skills program.

All financial contributions are tax deductible and a tax receipt issued.

Contribution type

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