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Our Impact

Surf Beach - Survival Education
Safety at the Beach

What have we accomplished!

Term 1 Delivery 2022

Pilot program Water Skills For Life Plus program

7 - schools

Term 1 Delivery 2023

2959 - Educated children

121 - Educated Teachers

496 - Education Hours

7 - Schools

Potential reach in the 2024

36556 - Children

163 - Schools

Term 4 

Established the Aquatic survival skills trust.

Estimated impact - 2023

8500 - Educated children

360 - Educated Teachers

1400 - Education Hours


What schools have to say about us!

“A really enjoyable programme. The children were engaged and able to share their learning with me when I had been absent from the lesson. The practical element in the pool was a highlight for the kids."
"Very good. Students were engaged and enthusiastic. Fun learning different ways to survive in the water Interesting learning about floating and sinking. Testing what objects float etc.

Doing the huddle position in the pool."

“So engaging, well worth it I feel we should recap on it term 4. Facilitators were wonderful answered all student and teacher questions. Students loved the pool activities..”
Fantastic programme, extremely relevant at the moment. It had a great mix of theory, balanced with practical activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and quickly took on the key messages. They could easily recite these within the classroom.

I am sure it was a conversation held at home each night."

"Great programme. Students and I learnt a lot. The facilitators were really flexible and worked well with the children."
“Engaging. Worth it, facilitators were on point. Thank you..”
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